Diamond Twin

The Story

This model stems from the second board that I ever shaped; a skatey little twin fin with a fish style outline and a wide diamond tail. That particular board was a magic board and was passed around with buddies all throughout high school providing stoke for everyone it came in contact with. After taking it on a few trips myself and watching good friends tear it up, I knew there was something about the design that was worth exploring. I’ve really enjoyed refining this model over the past few years. I feel that I’ve gotten the design to a point that I’m very satisfied with and stoked on.

The Design

Ease of speed generation is something that I keep in mind when shaping just about anything, and the Diamond Twin most definitley does not fall short of that. Its wide diamond tail naturally shortens the rail line on each side of the board, giving it the ability to fit in tight spots of the pocket and turn much sharper, quicker, and smoother than a board of comparable size. The bottom shape features V in the nose fading to single concave under the front foot, to double concave under the back foot, fading to flat just behind the fins in the last few inches of the tail – essentially making the rocker inside of the concaves straighter, with in turn creates a very fast surfboard. The board has a foil and rail shape similar to a high performance shortboard, but with a rocker curve similar to a fish. This creates a board that is not only extremely fast, but extremely easy to control.


Size the Diamond Twin 2″-5″ shorter than your height. For instance, I’m 6’2″ and 165 pounds and I enjoy riding a 5’10” Diamond Twin.


The Diamond Twin really enjoys playful waves anywhere from waist high to slightly overhead, and goes great in a variety of conditions.