The Story

My buddy Zac and I became extremely intrigued on an idea that Zac had one day of creating a longboard with a duo fin setup (two single fins placed with the intent to retain the best of twin fin and single fin performance combined while providing a completely new sensation at the same time). The fin set up itself deserves credit to its pioneers; Neal Purchase Jr. and Roy Holloway. The goal was to come up with something that nose rode well, abnormally projected off the tail through turns, and locked into the pocket. After thinking it over for a few months, I decided to grab a blank and get shaping. The board was glassed a week later and coincidentally we were greeted with perfect chest high south swell for a week straight. That original board had some extremely nice feels, and it then became apparent that this was something I thought I should pursue.

The Design

The Garfunkel is a wide-point back pin tail longboard designed for nose riding and fluid turns with abnormal projection from the tail. By using two narrow base flex fins and placing them away from center, you get a longboard that still nose rides, and has tons of directional control. When each of the fins flex and spring back into place, the projection that is generated feels amazing. The wide point is placed back to give the rider control when turning from the tail. The rocker curve is mellow in the nose, and has a fair amount of kick in the tail which helps the board lock in to the wave when nose riding. The bottom shape features a single concave in the nose to create lift, which then fades into a subtle roll transitioning to panel V to easily get the board onto its rail when turning. The rails are fairly thin and pinched which allow for sensitivity. The rail shape is 50/50 fading into a hard edge in the last 12″ of the board.


Size the Garfunkel anywhere from 9′ to 10′ depending on your personal preferences. I prefer to surf them in the lower 9′ range with thin/pinchy rails.


The Garfunkel likes small down the line style point waves anywhere from knee to head high.