The Story

The Fish design opened my eyes to what twin fin boards are capable of. These boards have an extremely positive feel, and are very efficient when it comes to harnessing speed down the line. I have been evolving my rendition of the fish over the last few years in pursuit of high performance alternative surfing.

The Design

The fish that I make have a foil and thickness distribution similar to that of a high performance shortboard. The bottom shape is flat in the nose zone transitioning to a single concave that shoots through the tail. Its flat deck helps retain volume throughout, giving it good paddling capabilities and a sensitive feeling underfoot. I find these to be the perfect balance between a cruise oriented board, and a performance oriented board. The fish that I shape are available as a twin keel fin, or a quad fin variation.


Size anywhere from 4-8 inches shorter than your height depending on your personal preferences and skill level. For instance, I’m 6’3″ and 175 lbs, and I enjoy riding a 5’9″ fish. These boards can also be modified and stretched up to mid length style boards and even gliders for a more relaxed approach.


The fish can be tuned for a variety of different wave types anywhere from knee high to double overhead.