The Story

The fish was the first board that I ever shaped. I have a deep connection with this design as it is one I have been tinkering with ever since I began shaping. The design opened my eyes to what twin fin boards are capable of. The fish has an extremely positive feel, and is a very efficient board when it comes to harnessing speed down the line. I have been constantly evolving my rendition of the fish over the last few years in pursuit of high performance alternative surfing.

The Design

I may play around with the bottom contour depending on the length and type of wave in mind, but generally I’ll put double concave fading to spiral V out the tail on these boards, which gives the board a lively feel and an exceptional amount of speed when going down the line. The bottom shape and rocker work together to provide tons of release off the top; allowing the design to shred a bit harder than normal. It’s flat deck, beak nose, and slope rail help to retain a friendly amount of volume throughout, making it a great paddler and an all around easy board to ride. I find these to be the perfect balance between a cruise oriented board, and a performance oriented board; an essential part of a surfer’s perfect quiver. The fish that I shape are available as a twin keel fin, or a quad fin variation. I can also do these as long gliders or mid length boards upon request!


Size the fish anywhere from 2-6 inches shorter than your height depending on your personal preferences and skill level. For instance, I’m 6’2″ and 165 lbs, and I enjoy riding a 5’8″ fish. I am also happy to shape these as long gliders or mid-length boards upon request! They are great in longer lengths and have tons of cruise in clean, lined up waves.


The fish can be tuned for knee high to double overhead waves of almost any kind.