The Story

The Moonbird came from a desire to create a user friendly and easy-to-shred midlength that worked for the majority of the waves around home; from points, to thumping beach breaks. I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of the type of surfing that midlength boards allow for. You can stand in the center and style out in trim, or you could stand a bit further back and shred off the tail. They still have enough glide to get you going on the smaller days as well. Midelngth boards can simplify the dilemma that many surfers find themselves in when trying to decide what to ride on a daily basis. For me personally, I tend to ride these boards most days out of the year here in California due to the benefits they have in a variety of surf.

The Design

The Moonbird is available to be set up as a twin keel fin or single fin. It has a fairly neutral and continuous rocker curve and is generously foiled at the tips. The bottom shape in the front half of the board consists of quadruple concave. This bottom shape allows the board to make its own speed very easily. The back half of the board is subtly influenced by my experiences riding hot generation style V bottom boards. Although not as extreme, the bottom has a panel V which helps get the board on rail very quick, but also because each panel is flat, allow it to trim in the pocket very nicely. The bottom eventually evens out to flat just behind the fins, giving you tons to push off of through turns and making the most out of all of the energy harnessed. The deck is domed with a slopey down rail to give the board tons of bite and grip.


Size the Moonbird anywhere from 6’6” to 8’6″. The shorter the length, the more zippy and vertical the boards will get. The shorter lengths allow for a sharper turning radius which allow for high performance midlength surfing in more critical waves. The longer the length, the more straight-surfing and cruisey the boards will get. The longer lengths are great for a relaxed approach and more of a drawn out line. For instance, I am 6’2” and 175 pounds, and I enjoy riding a 7’2″ Moonbird in bigger surf, and an 8’2″ Moonbird in smaller surf.


The Moonbird goes great in a wide variety of wave types, but excels in point surf anywhere from knee high to just overhead.