The Story

The Thatcherie defines a realm of surfboard design that has always intrigued me. Sitting somewhere between a midlength and a performance twin fin, while also retaining positive attributes of the fish, the Thatcherie has opened my eyes to the potential of slightly longer than normal twin fin boards. My good friend Miles Jackler originally came to me requesting a user friendly travel board for a surf trip through Central America. Through that request, the Thatcherie was born. Every aspect of that original board has since been extremely refined and tested all over.

The Design

The Thatcherie is a user friendly twin keel finned board designed for drawn out rail surfing in above average surf. The rocker curve from nose to tail is mellow throughout with a touch of flip behind the fins to loosen things up under your back foot. The bottom shape features V in the nose (which naturally raises the rail line in that section of the board to help make steep drops with ease), which transitions to single concave right under your front foot, then into a double concave transitioning to spiral V under your back foot – making for an extremely efficient bottom shape that allows for optimal shredding off the tail, and ultimate flow and trim from center. Its slightly domed deck and slope rail give the board a nimble feel and an aesthetically pleasing touch.


Size the Thatcherie anywhere from to 6’6″ to 7’6″, as this is the size range in which they were developed. The shorter end of the spectrum will be a bit more zippy, and the longer end of the spectrum will be a bit more cruisey.


The Thatcherie loves clean, round waves anywhere from chest high to double overhead.